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The One Date System

Now I can take the girl I want as my girlfriend... in one simple, easy-to-get date. I can use the One Date SAC model to know exactly what kind of date to give what kind of girl. And once I'm on the date, I just follow the steps to make her mine. One Date shows me how to do it all with ease in step-by-step videos and an easy-to-follow step-by-step handbook.

How To Get A Date In 5 Easy Texts

I just send these 5 cut-and-paste texts to a girl, and she can't help but agree to a date with me. With this guide, I always know what to send her next... and I almost never have to worry about women flaking anymore!

How To Ask Out Any Girl Anywhere

With this approach, I can ask women out in any scenario. If she's with friends, in public, a waitress, or talking to another guy, I can approach her and get a date. I never have to miss out on meeting a girl I want to meet again.

10 Best Opening Sequences

These 10 awesome conversation starters let me talk to any woman, in any circumstance. I'll finally discover how easy it is to start a conversation with a woman!

How To Seduce Her With Your Voice

I will improve my voice (one of the most underrated attraction qualities) with the tips expert voice coaches use to train movie stars and radio personalities.

The Dating Artisan (14-Day Free Membership)

I'll get free 14-day membership to The Dating Artisan, the most monumental course on dating and mating ever created. I'll acquire deep, awesome abilities to do everything imaginable in dating. I'll discover how to make women chase me for dates... how to make my conversation absolutely scintillating... how to be sensational in the bedroom... and more. And it's all presented to me in a simple, intuitive way I can use immediately. This is THE course that lets me take the lessons of One Date to the absolute highest level... and get the women I want whenever I want them... enjoy the most spectacular dating life... and experience the most incredible, fulfilling, supportive romantic relationships. It's free for two weeks, and if I want to continue it's just $97 a month for 9 months, and I will only be charged if I stay past the 14-day trial. I can cancel any time without issue by simply calling 1-800-332-0758, or replying to my welcome email.

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Release Date: February 22, 2018

Top customer reviews

Art W.

I Can't Believe It, She's Actually Alright Moving It Forward This Fast

Version: One Date Launch Edition | Verified Purchase

I guess this counts as the first "One Date" success story for me so I figure I'd pay dues and post my findings.

The SAC stuff was entirely present in my mind this date. This was a Bumble/ Tinder date, we talked on the phone/ texted, had similarity but I let her find out my value out, which was key in my opinion.

Essentially my main takeaways were that I had to force myself to constantly reward with touch, get her to comply from small requests (like buying me a bottled water) to larger demands (let's get out of here for a sec), etc.

I chose the place to sit so I could feel comfortable touching her and making eye contact with her. Definitely had to have balls escalating on high notes like moving to the car to listen to her music, more touching in the car, she started resting her hand on my knee, I invited her to visit my home to see this fun video I made, and stayed quiet on the drive home.

I showed her something on my laptop in the kitchen, then pulled the video up and said "let's chill somewhere comfortable" and went to the bed, she laid down next to me, and we watched part of the video. In the video, I forgot I mentioned I went on a date on Valentine's Day and I closed it shortly after thinking "whoops," but it must have been pre-selection because she shortly made the move to kiss me.

She did mention she didn't want to sleep with me but, yep, Chase called it, not true. Something I accidentally did... I turned the heat up, so I kinda had to take my shirt off, and I also asked if I could just say what I wanted to say, she agreed, I was like, I'm totally going to ___ you, she originally mentioned she never does that first date but eventually asked me to do it.

This girl was different and also was much younger and more adventurous. And I'm really chill and naturally real with her type so the skill involved was having my compliance, arousal, and logistics covered.

Hope that helps. Definitely was shocked every step along the way. All I could think of was, "Damn, Chase was right. Next step: Damn, Chase was right. Next step: Damn, Chase... I can't believe it, she's actually alright with moving it forward this fast."

Again, hope that helps... One Date is officially a success over here.

Zach L.

Chase's Stuff Is Blowing the Competition Out of the Water

Version: One Date Launch Edition | Verified Purchase

This content changed my life. I wasn't a complete novice at picking up women, but I was not at a place where I was doing consistently well with women either. I browsed around and applied dozens of other established PUA methods to little success.

It wasn't until I began using Girls Chase stuff that I saw my attitude towards women and life in general completely change. One big principal from One Date that really helped was the law of least effort. Now I am a really happy place w/ my self as a person and with women. Chase's stuff is blowing the completion out the water. Seriously.

Matja Z.

Took My Game to a Whole New Level

Version: One Date Launch Edition | Verified Purchase

I always had a problem with marketing myself - I am too laid back, reserved, humble, so I had problems getting girls on dates. The date and what follows afterwards was never my issue - my opening was not so great, but I was always got at closing. And then I got One Date and that was the next milestone. It took my game to a whole new level. I fixed my opening and now I specialise in tartegeted approaching or sniper game. Now, thanks to this course, I am able to recognize at a glance, which girls are into me and which are not, and if I approach a green light I will often suceed.

Another fun fact - this year I managed to lay my special girl that got me on this journey. I already got her phone number three years ago, but she wouldn't go on a date with me back then. Then she saw me on a date this year with a cute girl and that was all that was needed to reignite her passion. She messaged me and after a couple of texts I asked her out and followed my process which resulted in a FWB relationship. It turned out that she is not that special three years down the road. I still do day game and my life is richer and fuller because of the articles on girlschase and from One Date.

My review is proof that this material works like a charm - you just have to work hard and get the results!

Andy C.

They All Wanted Me to Be Their Boyfriend

Version: One Date Launch Edition | Verified Purchase

When One Date was first released, I immediately purchased it.

This is in my opinion hands down the most complete system to get girls consistently anywhere in the world. Thanks to One Date, I found my girlfriend.

Before I purchased One Date, I was doing okay with girls. I had already been a Girls Chase reader for a few years. Articles from Chase and his team helped improve my game a lot. The website contains everything you need to know to pick up girls. But it can be overwhelming for beginners. You don't know where to start.

With One Date everything is taken care of. There is a clear structure with videos and ebooks on how to improve with girls. You can see Chase and Hector in action and telling you what to do. If you follow the system and you work hard and do the assignments, you could get a girlfriend in a few months.

What really helped me was the SAC model. It's a model that teaches you how to set up a good first date and how to convert her to a girlfriend. This model is so easy to understand and use. It eased my mind and helped me plan out my dates.

You can have all the knowledge you know about pickup. Read tons of books on attraction. But when it comes to the first date with a hot girl in real life, you won't remember everything or apply most of what you know anyway. One Date is simple, easy to grasp and apply. Of course you still need to work hard and practice a lot. With this system you can trust it has everything you need to know on how to get girls.

This year was the year I wanted a girlfriend. Lucky for me One Date was just released. I started applying the stuff I learned immediately. I did the assignments as well. When you purchase One Date, you will be allowed to join an Alumni Forum. You can post your progress there and even ask questions to other fellow alumni or the Girls Chase team.

So I went learning this stuff. Worked on my fundamentals, structured my dates. It was time to approach girls. I met girls on the bus, street, library, university campus and in the club. Some went good, some went bad. Eventually I went on 4 dates with girls I considered girlfriend material. This all happened in 2 months. With 1 girl it didn't work out, but I still had the other 3 girls. They all wanted me to be their boyfriend. I finally decided which one I wanted to commit to. That girl I'm still seeing now. We're still in a happy relationship.

So if you want to get better with girls or you just want to find a girlfriend. This product will help you and you can do that in just one date.

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