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I'll examine everything in How To Make Girls Chase. I'll test drive everything in the book. I'll use everything I want to use from it. And if I am at all unhappy, I can make a call or send an email and receive a full refund, any time in the next 60 days.

"Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed."

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How To Make Girls Chase

I get Chase Amante's complete system for making women chase ME. I use the VAC Attraction System to make myself irresistible to women... and after that, I just lead them through the seduction process, step by step, while they chase me all the way to the bedroom (and beyond).

Slow Opening

I discover a new and intuitive way to start a conversation with women in casual, everyday situations. I can use this form of opening to meet women in coffee shops, restaurants, cafeterias, libraries, trains and buses, and basically anywhere that women aren't too hurried (and where a more brazen opener would fall flat!).

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