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Prepare yourself to never be ignored again. Once you hit the “Order Charima In A Bottle For $297 ” button, you’ll immediately log into Charisma In A Bottle at this special discount rate. You’re safely covered by our 60-day unconditional money-back guarantee, and will receive Charisma In A Bottle plus all the bonuses:

Prepare yourself to never be ignored again. Once you hit the “Order Charima In A Bottle For $297 ” button, you’ll immediately log into Charisma In A Bottle at this special discount rate. You’re safely covered by our 60-day unconditional money-back guarantee, and will receive Charisma In A Bottle plus all the bonuses:

Charisma In A Bottle

Unleash your personal magnetism with the complete charisma system. Adopt the mindsets and behaviors of charismatic men and reap their incredible interpersonal results. Includes four videos alongside downloadable transcripts & mp3 versions, plus a companion ebook.

The Ultimate Bachelor Lifestyle

Put your charisma to use in a bachelor lifestyle carefully designed to bring you friends, women, and opportunities. Always know where the party is, where the money is, and where the women are… not to mention have EASY access to all three.

26 Charismatic Signals

Tap into the nonverbal behaviors charismatic men use to win followers and sway crowds. Each signal is simple to use… and the more of them you combine, the more magnetic you become…

Hollywood Charisma Breakdown

See what makes Hollywood’s most charismatic leading men so compelling. Breakdowns of your favorite stars show you how to replicate their tremendous interpersonal pull.

The Archetypes Handbook

Every man has a charismatic archetype — you just need to know yours. In The Archetype Handbook, you’ll uncover which archetype you fit, and how to develop your charisma around it.

The Lifestyle Selector

Don’t want to try out a dozen lifestyles to find the one for you? Answer a series of simple questions in the Lifestyle Selector, and you’ll receive your individual lifestyle profile (plus a unique report custom tailored to you).

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Customer reviews

4.8 Out of
5 Stars

Release Date: April 2, 2022

Jordan O.

I Often Feel Like the Most Charismatic and Confident Man in the Room. That Was Definitely Not the Case Before |
Version: Charisma In A Bottle Launch Edition

Before GC I had practically no charisma. Rarely talked to anyone outside of my family and small group of male friends. I’m a 33 year old guy who has been working on myself for quite a few years now. Until the charisma course I was always focused mainly on “game” with women. Don’t get me wrong that helped a lot. But since implementing Charisma in a Bottle and developing my charisma I have seen my results socially explode. People want me around now. Women are much more receptive to me. I often feel like the most charismatic and confident man in the room. That was definitely not the case before.

Paul J.

I Sure Wish I Had This When I Started My Engineering Career |
Version: Charisma In A Bottle Launch Edition

I found Girls Chase about 4 years ago. And the more I practice the lessons in the Charisma in a Bottle, the more social freedom I have. It’s amazing. I don’t feel hindered in any social situation. I love it. My social circle results have skyrocketed. I often go out with 7+ women and am the only guy. One charismatic tip that works like a charm is the “boss man” look. It’s amazing! I sure wish I had this when I started my engineering career. I wouldn’t have been kicked around as much. Thanks Chase!

Josh C.

Definitely Recommend the Course if You Have Been Struggling With Living the Life That You Want to Live |
Version: Charisma In A Bottle Launch Edition

I’m a 29 year old that has been reading girlschase for many years. I had been a dating apps only guy the entire time, never approaching in person unless I was super drunk. At the time I was somewhat charismatic around guys, completely uncharismatic around girls. The charisma and lifestyle course was the push I needed to delete the apps and start living in the real world. Since the course, I’ve been more social with everyone, from people at the gym to staff at places I go to regularly, and of course cute girls. My life feels a lot less stressful since I’ve gotten rid of the apps. And it feels nice when I take a friend or date somewhere and they say “it seems like everybody knows you here.” Admittedly I fell off the course a bit after I started dating a girl that I met during a happy hour, but I broke up with her a few weeks ago and I’m ready to throw myself back into it. Definitely recommend the course if you have been struggling with living the life that you want to live.

Nevil K.

If You Want to Definitively Know How to Level Up Your Charisma, This Course Is for You! |
Version: Charisma In A Bottle Launch Edition

Recently when moving back to my home town after studying and working on the other side of the country I realized that a lot of my old friends had left and I had to re-build my social circle from scratch. Fortunately Charisma-in-a-Bottle released at this time.

In the past, like scoring dates, I felt that occasionally there would be days when I was “on” in terms of charisma and there were days when I was definitely “off". I’d find it easy to make friends and socialize some weekends, and there would be other weekends when I felt like a social pariah. In short, I was inconsistent at best.

Using the knowledge and skills I developed from applying the knowledge from the course, I joined a whole new clique of friends I met at the beach and quickly established myself at the center of that group. Charisma-in-a-Bottle gave me the skills to throw a series of pool parties which boosted my social confidence and group standing.

I feel like propinquity in particular is such as powerful concept and so simple once you know what it is, but before you do, it’s so ephemeral. Since internalizing it I feel it has taken my social awareness to the next level.

I highly recommend the course for anyone as I had been studying charisma for years before discovering this course and was asking many of the same questions that Chase answers. If you’re tired of people saying “he has that je ne sais quoi” as I was, and want to definitively know how to level up your charisma, this course is for you!

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Alex P.

The Confidence I Have Now (and the Sh!t I Can Get Away With 😝 ) Surprises Me Every Day |
Version: Charisma In A Bottle Launch Edition

When I was young, I used to be very awkward around everybody... I guess I lacked socialization but ever since college, I started getting the hang of it. Unfortunately it was too late. By the time I left college, I could easily make guy friends but my relationships with women were terrible. Dealing with women always felt like walking on eggshells... you do the slightest mistake and get shunned. It was incomprehensible to me. Ever since I started reading Girlschase, I started to understand better the complex dance that is socializing and it has allowed me to become not only a decent socializer but an extremely charismatic and loved man. My friendships have strenghtened and now I am able to get amazing women (who love me) into my life.

Charisma in a bottle is for me the pinnacle of a long journey trying to “become normal” but that ended up taking me into “master” territory. The 26 charismatic signals helped me identify ways in which I could be perceived as charismatic without changing anything substantial. Basically a big list of quick fixes for the guy who wants to master the art. Also the charisma breakdown videos were amazing!!

After studying the course, I became the rising star in my new job. I’m the new guy who everybody likes and somehow makes the customer overspend in the business. I also got a new amazing girlfriend who swears I am some kind of uber-rare “super naturally charismatic” man. And her family loves me. The confidence I have now (and the sh!t I can get away with 😝 ) surprises me every day.

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