So You Can Finally Escape the Playboy Plateau So Many Would-Be Master Casanovas Find Themselves Trapped Upon!

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Did you

… most dedicated seduction students, even though they work and study hard, never make it to “advanced seducer”?

It has nothing to do with a guy not being driven enough or not putting the work in... many seduction students put 1,000s of additional approaches in yet continue to struggle with the same problems getting girls.

… pre-advanced seducers often settle into relationships out of frustration or burnout, rather than because they’ve found a girl they’re truly crazy for?

In an ideal world, a guy won’t take a girlfriend till he finds one almost perfect for him.

Yet time and again pre-advanced seducers will announce they have a girl they’ve “seen for a while” who’s “always been there” and they’ve “decided to try a real relationship” with her... & it just so happens this always occurs amidst a stretch where their results with other girls have flatlined.

… you don’t have to stay stuck in “seducer limbo”... and there is actually a straightforward way out?

This no-man’s-land guys slip into along the road to true seduction success has a name: at Girls Chase we call it the “playboy plateau.”

And while things on the playboy plateau can look bleak and disappointing — after all that work, you’ve finally got results... they’re just not as impressive or consistent as you thought they’d be — you’re not alone, because every guy who’s reached the upper echelons of seduction skill has slogged through this plateau too.

Climbing Past the “Playboy Plateau”

How do you escape the playboy plateau, and start reaping the results with girls you’ve so long desired?

How do you end up sleeping with a new girl not once every 3 to 6 weeks, but rather once or twice (or more!) per week?

How do you go from consistently bedding “6s” and “7s” to laying girls who could (or do!) make a living as fashion models, cocktail waitresses, or Instagram influencers?

How do you become the guy able to sleep with 1 out of every 5 girls he talks to, instead of 1 out of every 30, 40, or 50?

The key to getting your progress in seduction unstuck is a training method called “seduction fine-tuning.” In it, you and an advanced coach review every aspect of your current seduction process to pinpoint what’s keeping you stuck on the playboy plateau.

Then, together with your coach, you’ll make strategic “fine-tunings” to your seduction process designed to increase your seduction efficiency and boost your meet-to-lay ratio.

That way, you become able to spend a lot less time to bed a bevy more girls... of the type and caliber you’ve so long sought.

Seduction Fine-Tuning:
The Key to a Smoldering Meet-to-Lay Ratio

The meet-to-lay ratio is the ULTIMATE measure of a truly advanced seducer... yet the only way to achieve a consistently solid ratio is through a seduction fine-tuning with a veteran date coach.

In seduction fine-tuning, we don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Instead, we take your already effective girl-getting system, which you know works (you’re getting results with it, after all!), and identify which specific parts need a seductive tuning to elevate you off the playboy plateau.

This is the FASTEST path to the eye-popping results you’ve spent your entire romantic career dreaming of...

Results like:

  • Nailing down exactly the vibe, tone, and nuance to turn women on like a hot stove with sex talk
  • Far more engaging, sexual conversations with women (you'll have to stop girls trying to kiss you!)
  • Removing 'luck' from seduction - instead, finally know the RIGHT thing to do at the RIGHT time
  • Getting more lays, faster, from more compatible and higher quality girls

I’m having to find ways to stop girls trying to kiss me so they don’t break the sexual tension!

“Before coaching with Alek, I used to try random things and see occasional success. Now I’m understanding the right thing to do and the right time to do it. Not only has my vibe become more sexual, my conversations have, too. They’ve become sexier, more engaging, and flirtatious — I’m having to find ways to stop girls trying to kiss me so they don’t break the sexual tension! If you want to take your game to the next level, if you want to become more calibrated with your game, and if you want to remove as much luck from the seduction process as possible — I could not recommend anyone more enthusiastically than Alek.”

- Kvothe, New York City, NY, USA

If pulling hot girls from the bar after barely meeting them isn’t life-changing, then I don’t know what is

“To say my coaching with Alek was excellent is an understatement. It was more than excellent. It was life-changing.

I reached out to Alek to boost my arousal game with his signature weapon: sex talk. Now, sex talk is much more than words. Everything matters. Get the vibe wrong, say it with the wrong voice tone or miss the context and you miss your shot.

One session with Alek lit the way. He demonstrated the use of each technique, which vocal tonality to use, and how to deliver it. Above all, you get to understand all the nuances of this type of seduction that you simply cannot receive through text.

We covered how indirect game truly works (my idea of indirect was actually incorrect before Alek spelled out exactly what that style of game entails), social frames and sexual frames.

Oh, and I got laid a few days later :)) Hot 23 year old Hong Kong girl. Escalated using the exact methods Alek taught me and pulled her around 2 hours after first meeting her. If pulling hot girls from the bar after barely meeting them isn’t life-changing, then I don’t know what is ”

- James D., Hong Kong, China

Alek is an underground veteran seducer, the best in the industry. Has the most knowledge in the game, no contest

“I started coaching with Alek in March 2022, unaware of many game nuances, especially the competitive nature of night game. Alek is an underground veteran seducer, the best in the industry. In my eyes has the most knowledge in the game, no contest.

After just under five months of coaching, my game has accelerated tremendously in growth. In fact, I have so far acquired over 9 lays (mostly from night game)!

I’ve taken coaching with others, but I’d assure you, Alek is one of a kind, and the best one can find. He will be able to skyrocket your game to the next level ”

- Madala, San Diego, CA, USA

There’s never been a better time to fine-tune your approach to seduction than RIGHT NOW.

Once you’ve become stuck on the playboy plateau, you may find yourself there for a long time.

You’ll put hours a day, days a week, for months, even years into going out to approach, going on dates, and pulling girls home yet encountering the same maddening obstacles, over and over.

Obstacles like the girls you want not being interested... women you talk to not connecting as well with your material & conversations as they should... or getting girls all the way back home ONLY to run into unbreakable “last minute resistance” time and again...

Nobody likes being trapped on the “windy plateau” of mediocre seduction results, despite all the hard work he’s put into getting there.

And the truth is, if you’re the guy a seduction fine-tuning is right for, you likely already have 98% of what you need to achieve a ridiculous meet-to-lay ratio with exactly the girls you want... you just need to fine-tune that lingering 2% that stands in your way of getting it.

Here’s the good news:

We have THREE (3) open seats for our elite-level “seduction fine-tuning” with seduction legend Alek Rolstad.

Here’s the bad news:

We only have three open seats for our elite-level “seduction fine-tuning” with seduction legend Alek Rolstad!

If you want to get off the playboy plateau, and don’t want to wait another four to six months for Alek to open up more spots again, book your free exploratory call now.

Our placements expert will contact you within 48 hours to discuss everything a seduction fine-tuning entails plus review the requirements to see if you’re a fit for the program.

You’re under no obligation, and this exploratory call is free.

Yet you must sign up NOW, before someone else gobbles up the last open seat... leaving you still trapped on the playboy plateau for at least another four to six months: treading water, encountering the same issues over and over, or even giving up and settling into a “just okay” relationship with whatever acceptable-if-less-than-ideal girl you happen to have handy...

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